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About the SpeX Prism Library

The SpeX Prism Library is a repository of low-resolution, near-infrared spectra, primarily of low-temperature dwarf stars and brown dwarfs, obtained with the SpeX spectrograph mounted on the 3m NASA Infrared Telescope Facility on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. The data provided here have been obtained using the prism-dispersed mode of SpeX with resolutions of 75-200 and spectra spanning 0.65-2.55 microns in a single order. All data have been uniformly reduced using Mike Cushing's SpeXtool package.

About the SpeX Prism Library Analysis Toolkit

The SpeX Prism Library Analysis Toolkit (SPLAT) is a python-based spectral access and analysis package designed to interface with the SpeX Prism Library. It is built on common python packages such as astropy, numpy, scipy, and matplotlib, among others.

Acknowledging SPL/SPLAT

The paper to cite for SPL and SPLAT is
Burgasser A. J. 2014 in International Workshop on Stellar Spectral Libraries, ASI Conference Series 11, ed. H. P. Singh, P. Prugniel and I. Vauglin (Bangalore: Astronomical Society of India), pp. 7-16

For tracking purposes, please consider including the following in the acknowledgments of your publication or presentation:

"This research has benefitted from the SpeX Prism Library (and/or SpeX Prism Library Analysis Toolkit), maintained by Adam Burgasser at http://www.browndwarfs.org/spexprism"

The data provided here have been obtained by my group and the following independent contributors:

Please cite the original data citation whenever using these data so that the contributors above can get real research currency (i.e., citations, h-index, jobs, etc.).

The development of SPL and SPLAT has been made possible by funding from the National Science Foundation under award No. AST-1517177, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration under Grant No. NNX15AI75G.

The SpeX Prism Library

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