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Using the Libraries

The data provided here are being made available to facilitate research on very low mass stars and brown dwarfs, to reduce the occurrence of unnecessarily repeated observations, and to facilitate collaboration.

The data present here are technically copyright protected by the authors and journal publishers. So please be sure to cite the original data reference(s) when presenting these data in publication or in a talk.

The libraries are basically lists of sources for which SpeX prism spectra have been obtained. For source we have listed the name, 2MASS designation (sexigesimal coordinates in the form hhmmss[.]ss+ddmmss[.]s), optical and near-infrared spectral types, and 2MASS J magnitude, as collated from or the literature. Click on the designation name for images of each source field from IRSA's FinderChart program.

Following that are spectral information, including spectral resolution, observation date and links to the ascii data files (if published), jpeg plots for visualization, and the data source citation (with cross-reference to NASA ADS). Data of poor quality are highlighted in red. A zip archive of all published data in each library are provided, as well as a celestial map of the sources.

If there are additional capabilities you would like to see with these libraries, please email your suggestions to aburgasser AT gmail DOT com.

Version history

2010 October 17:
Added data from Burgasser et al. (2010); Kirkpatrick et al. (2010)
Fixed incorrect source names from Sheppard & Cushing (2009)
Updated publication list (64 publications since 2004)
1158 total spectra, 986 visible, 573 published (downloadable)
4216 site visits since 2008 Jan 4
2009 December 21:
Added resolution information (M. Cushing)
Implemented flagged data highlighting
Fixed some bugs (T. Dupuy, M. Liu)
Added new data (A. Burgasser, B. Bowler, S. Schmidt)
Moved to new server at UCSD
1029 total spectra, 821 visible, 417 published (downloadable)
2699 site visits since 2008 Jan 4
2009 January 6:
Reformatted spectral filenames, re-organized plots and data files
Added list of all sources in library (no access to unpublished data)
Fixed some bugs (G. Matthews)
Fixed some data ownerships (K. Cruz, J. D. Kirkpatrick)
Added new data (A. Burgasser, K. Luhman, D. Looper, S. Sheppard)
891 total spectra, 813 visible, 290 published (downloadable)
1255 site visits since 2008 Jan 4
2008 August 28:
Uploaded new batch of spectra (now 400+ viewable)
Fixed S/N plotting problem for some spectra (M. Cushing)
Ejected a few ratty spectra (M. Liu)
Fixed some of the spectra header data
Fixed some filenames (D. Looper)
Updated publications (D. Looper, M. Liu)
Set L standards to be just optical standards (M. Cushing)
Updated links (M. Cushing)
777 site visits since 2008 Jan 4
2008 January 4
First release of website.
Added counter
Added full citation and ADS link
Removed XML link (didn't work)
Added JHKs photometry to spectral header
2007 October
Trial versions reviewed by K. Cruz, J. Faherty, C. Gelino, D. Kirkpatrick, D. Looper.

The SpeX Prism Libraries

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