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Someday a useful form will live here...

Meanwhile, you may email your data to aburgasser AT gmail DOT com. Files in ascii or fits formats (e.g., the output from SpeXtool) are both acceptable. Multiple files should be sent as a single tarball or zip archive. To facilitate uploading into the archive, please try (although it isn't required) to use the following naming convention for the data files:

For example, "spex_prism_gl570d_bur06.txt" or "spex_prism_1217-0311_060626.fits"

Please also include the following information, if available:

  • Source name(s)
  • Data source citation(s)
  • Spectral resolution for observations
  • Observation date(s)
  • * 2MASS designation(s)
  • * Optical/near-infrared spectral type(s)
  • * 2MASS (or other) JHKs magnitudes
Items marked with a * are not required if the source(s) are listed on

Mahalo to those of you who have contributed to this site!

The SpeX Prism Libraries

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