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The SpeX Prism Libraries hosts roughly 1000 low-resolution, near-infrared spectra of low-temperature dwarf stars and brown dwarfs obtained with the SpeX spectrograph mounted on the 3m NASA Infrared Telescope Facility on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. SpeX is a dual-mode near-infrared spectrograph; the data provided here have been obtained using its low-resolution prism-dispersed mode with resolutions of 75-200 depending on the slit width used. All data span roughly 0.65-2.55 microns in a single order.

The data provided here have been obtained by myself and several researchers who use SpeX to study low mass stars and brown dwarfs. The majority of the data are of dwarfs with spectral types M, L and T, but some other sources (e.g., giants, carbon stars, background stars) can be found as well. Because of the variety of data sources, the libraries contain spectra of varying qualities and resolutions. Careful users are encouraged to review the associated data citations.

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