Current and former members of the Burgasser group at the Cool Stars 16 conference in Seattle, WA: (left to right) Adam Burgasser, Breann Sitarski, Andrew West, Jacqueline Faherty, John Bochanski and Dagny Looper

Welcome to the homepage of the Burgasser Group in Astrophysics at UC San Diego. Our work focuses on the observational properties of the lowest mass stars and brown dwarfs. Research interests include: discovery and characterization of the lowest temperature and lowest mass brown dwarfs (in particular L and T dwarfs), ultracool subdwarfs, brown dwarf multiplicity, magnetic activity, kinematics and astrometry and local stellar demographics. We utilize the tools of spectroscopy, high resolution imaging (including laser guide star adaptive optics), astrometry, radio astronomy, and computational simulations to study our nearest and coolest neighbors.

recent results

An Unsuspecting Pair Spitzer Science Center colleague Christopher Gelino and Adam Burgasser report the identification of low-mass binary system that refuses to show itself. Read more... (August 2010)
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A Blue Brown Dwarf We report observations of an unusually blue brown dwarf, a nearby object that may be among the coldest and oldest brown dwarfs known. Read more... (June 2010)
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A Wacko Star Graduate student Dagny Looper reports the discovery of a young, low-mass, nearby star that is both unusually active and highly variable. Read more... (May 2010)
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