Physics Has a Man Problem

Physics is currently a male dominated field of STEM. This is a well known fact at a low level, but the statistics on this issue are disappointing and less well known.



= Percentage of female bachelors in physics received in 2012 (source)



= Percentage of female physics PhDs received in 2012 (source)



= Percentage of Female physics faculty in 2013 (source)



= Percentage of the first five famous physicists I could think of – Einstein, Newton, Hawking, Schrödinger, and Maxwell -that were female.



= Percentage of the first three science popularizers I came up with – Bill Nye, Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson – that were women.



= Percentage of “front women” in these YouTube channels found when searching for top science YouTube Channels; they are either all male, or genderless, e.g. NASA.



= The number of physics professors I had as an undergraduate that were female.


Here at Beach Physics, we are doing our best to combat this gender imbalance. We believe setting an example for women in physics by featuring women who learn and teach physics will help inspire young women to pursue STEM fields. The majority of our contributors are female (sorry Adam!). We feature pupils and principal mentors in our videos that are female. We support and encourage a health increase in the number of women in physics. And we hope that next time you get the chance, you will tell a young lady studying physics that “women in physics are awesome!”

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