Rigging our “What Do You Think?” Feature


Part of our goal at Beach Physics is to use online technology in a unique and educationally relevant fashion. With this in mind, the middle of a Beach Physics video is paused to ask YOU a question, at which point the viewer can select a video using YouTube’s annotations feature to link to the next video in sequence. If that was confusing, check out our style by watching one of the lessons on the lessons page.

This is an awesome feature. It allows a “choose your own adventure” style of online learning. Thanks, YouTube! But… in its eagerness to bring everyone to the party, YouTube keeps redirecting the viewer back to its site when clicking an annotated video. But we don’t want you to leave Beach Physics! So we needed a solution.

As of at least Dec. 25, 2012, YouTubers can link annotations on a video to external websites. If the external website is yours, you can link to it. So we linked the annotations to an identical page on our Beach Physics website replacing the embedded video for the new chosen one. Voila! You stay on our page, and we can still link to the correct video.

And next to start the linked video in fullscreen when clicking from a full screen video…

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