The Benefit of Predicting an Experimental Outcome

You're at the beach exploring buoyancy with your students. You want to see whether an egg will float in the ocean's salty water. You drop an egg in the ocean, and tada! It floats! Oh no… I've just ruined the outcome for you. Predicting whether the egg will float and why before you see the experiment … [Read more...]

Rigging our “What Do You Think?” Feature

Part of our goal at Beach Physics is to use online technology in a unique and educationally relevant fashion. With this in mind, the middle of a Beach Physics video is paused to ask YOU a question, at which point the viewer can select a video using YouTube's annotations feature to link to the next … [Read more...]

Learn Words the Beachy Way!

Graphic organizers are often used in classrooms as a way to help many different types of learners grasp vocabulary definitions. They allow students to connect their own personal visual or graphical representation of a word and its definition with situations where the word is used. Extensive research … [Read more...]

Smile, it’s time to play in the lab!

Working on a brand new fun lab for the beach!!! Over the past week I have spent hours building my very own amazing beach box which I can now take to the beach and perform awesome experiments with. I have these UV beads which go from milky white to different colors when exposed to UV light. With the … [Read more...]

Filming sunburn video with Jade

Dancing, digging in the sand, thinking hard.. you'd think we didn't get any filming done. … [Read more...]