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Why do people get sunburns?

In our pilot lesson, Jade and Dianna explore the electromagnetic spectrum and the properties of light to understand what causes sunburns.

A Learner-Directed Approach

Our program uses research-validated methods to engage learners and identify critical misconceptions. Inspired by the work of Derek Muller at Veritasium, we have used YouTube’s annotation feature to create interactive video questions that allow learners to predict – and justify – their understanding.

For example, in the Beach Physics pilot lesson about sunburn,  there is an interactive question about electromagnetic radiation:

Step 1: Learner clicks and chooses an answer

The learner is automatically directed to the appropriate mini lesson.


Step 2: Learner Sees Confirmation of Their Answer Choice

A second screen will appear confirming their choice.  This is a good time for teacher/parent facilitators to ask learners to justify their answers through logical arguments and observation.


Step 3: Learner’s Selection Automatically Directs Mini-Lesson

The learner will then watch a discussion between the video facilitator and student where the answer and its justification is discussed.  This is a critical step toward identifying and confronting misconceptions.