Physics Has a Man Problem

Physics is currently a male dominated field of STEM. This is a well known fact at a low level, but the statistics on this issue are disappointing and less well known.   21% = Percentage of female bachelors in physics received in 2012 (source)   17% = Percentage of female physics … [Read more...]

Rigging our “What Do You Think?” Feature

Part of our goal at Beach Physics is to use online technology in a unique and educationally relevant fashion. With this in mind, the middle of a Beach Physics video is paused to ask YOU a question, at which point the viewer can select a video using YouTube's annotations feature to link to the next … [Read more...]

Learn Words the Beachy Way!

Graphic organizers are often used in classrooms as a way to help many different types of learners grasp vocabulary definitions. They allow students to connect their own personal visual or graphical representation of a word and its definition with situations where the word is used. Extensive research … [Read more...]

Outreach overnight with BeWiSE

As a newcomer to San Diego, I am still discovering all the science outreach opportunities the city has to offer. One such opportunity is a series of science "overnights" for girls hosted by BeWISE (Better Education for Women in Science and Engineering). I was lucky enough to be an adult (I guess I … [Read more...]

The Public Filming Experience

We recently began filming for Beach Physics. Commence operation “Film a beach physics video to test out filming equipment.” I had done this before. Producing an enthusiastic physics video is cake when you are a huge physics enthusiast. This time it was not so simple. Add another “actor” into the … [Read more...]