Undergraduate Melisa Tallis presents piece in Project Planetaria Showcase


Undergraduate researcher Melisa Tallis probably didn’t think that in her first year at UCSD she would be producing abstract, data-driven artwork. But her piece 67 x, produced with Adriana Feketeova from the Department of Visual Arts, was one of four novel artworks presented at the TDDE 131 Final Project Showcase in June 2013.

The TDDE 131 class was designed by Project Planetaria team (Adam Burgasser in Physics, Tara Knight in Theatre & Dance, and Michael Trigilio in Visual Arts). It aimed to explore the intersection of scientific measurement with aesthetic interpretation, teaching tools and techniques for using publically-available astronomical data in applications of design and aesthetic production.

Here’s the description of Melisa’s and Adriana’s piece:

67 x explores the perspective of Jupiter’s abundant satellites and recontextualizes them into the realm of typical human experiences. The sequence of 67 clips reflects reactions to major life events through the cultural meanings attributed to the colors of flowers. 67 x combines these arbitrary codes embedded in flower colors with the orbital data of Jupiter’s natural satellites. We see a glimpse not only of their perspective orbiting a swirling gas giant, but the turbulence inherent in change or loss.



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