Cool Star Lab Members Make Physics Fun in Summer Outreach Program


Daniella Bardalez Gagliuffi, Dianna Cowern and Adam Burgasser have been spreading the love….of physics!  During the summer, the UCSD Physics Dept. hosts a series of outreach events for various youth groups to show them basic principles of physics in hands on demonstrations and activities.

This summer we were proud to host three groups: Tech Trek, a science and math camp for girls hosted in various regions; the Institute of the Americas Summer Science and Innovation Camp, which brings middle school kids from Latin America for an immersive science program; and the Institute of the Americas STEM & Innovation week, which brings winners of Mexico’s “Re-invest in Innovation” Project to San Diego.  The students are presented with various demos on electricity & magnetism, sound & vibration, light & optics, linear & angular momentum, and solar energy, and are guided in their exploration by UCSD Physics undergraduate and graduate students.  In addition, the students have the opportunity to learn about electronics by making their own functional, wearable circuit.

If you want to learn more about summer outreach programs in the UCSD Physics Department, check out our Outreach & Diversity page.



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