Carl Melis

Carl Melis is a research scientist affiliated with the Cool Star Lab.  Here’s his story as told by Christine Nicholls:

A California native, Carl Melis completed his undergraduate study at UCSD and his PhD in Astronomy at UCLA. After holding NSF and CASS postdoctoral fellowships at UCSD, Carl became an independent research scientist in 2013.  Carl’s research covers the birth, life, death, and re-birth of planetary systems. Carl is particularly interested in terrestrial planet systems, and studies these via their dusty disks around both young and old stars. His observational work covers a broad wavelength range from infrared to radio.

Carl is passionate about public science literacy and astronomy education, and is keenly involved in both. In his spare time, he loves hiking, and is a founding member of the California Peaks Club. He is also known for his terrible skills at finding cheap flights

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