Cool Star Lab & UCSD Physics Connect with STEAM at the First STE[+a]mConnect Conference at Qualcomm


On Friday March 28th, Dianna Cowern and Adam Burgasser from the Cool Star Lab, and UCSD Physics students Evan Grohs, Daniel Gonzalez and Neil Sapra, participated in the first STE[+a]MConnect conference held at Qualcomm.  A collaborative effort between UCSD Extension and KDR PR, this inaugural event of the STEAMConnect network featured speakers, musical and dance entertainment, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) programs, with the aims of forging new partnerships in art and science and identifying actions to “turn great ideas into reality in and out of our classrooms.”


Our display featured various STEM and STEAM outreach projects being conducted by the UCSD Physics Department, including the Young Physicists Program, Beach Physics, Project Planetaria, Astrofacts! and Embody Physics.  Dianna promoted her PhysicsGirl YouTube channel.  We also had several demonstrations on hand, including a “human numerical simulation” of the 3-body problem, a performance activity that will be part Adam’s upcoming Freshman Physics Seminar on Movement and Physics.



In addition to reaching out to many K-16 educators and administrators, parents, students and the public, we made some great connections with other STE[A]M organizations, including the San Diego chapter of the American Women in Science (who provided the oobleck for our vibration plate experiment), the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum, Math2Me and the DaVinci Club.  We hope to capitalize on these connections for future outreach and informal learning opportunities!



For more photos, check out the Physics Outreach Flickr page.

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