Cool Star Lab Introduces Students from Across Latin America to the Joy of Physics


Members of the Cool Star Lab were part of a contingent of 16 Physics undergraduates, graduates, postdocs, teachers and faculty who facilitated a morning of physics demonstrations, circuit building and LN2 ice cream, as part of the Institute of the Americas Science & Innovation Camp.  40 high-school students from across Latin and South America were selected to participate in this two-week residential camp at the Institute of the Americas, receiving classroom and field instruction from Spanish-speaking teachers, with conducting projects focused on innovation and evaluation of scientific and technological responses to climate change.




The students participated in demonstrations on Electricity & Magnetism, Waves and Sound, Light & Optics, and Linear & Angular Momentum.   They also conducted a circuit-building project, learning to solder basic electronic components to a circuit board to make a wearable blinking LED circuit.  The session closed with pizza and (two batches of!) LN2 ice cream.


The students expressed real enthusiasm for Physics, UCSD and science careers. Many had never realized that Physics could cover such diverse topics.  Most thought the circuit building was the most fun, but were also surprised by the launch of the water-filled air rocket, shocked (some literally) by the van de Graff generator, amazed at the designs created by the Chladni plates, and intrigued by the optical illusions in the optics demonstration.

Links to the Facilitation Guides for our demonstrations can be found at this Google Drive link.


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