Ivanna Escala

IMG_8362Ivanna Escala is originally from the “boonies of New Jersey”, but is now enjoying the good life in Southern California. She joined the Cool Star Lab in the summer of 2014 as a volunteer research student, and quickly demonstrated her programming acumen by developing one of the primary functions in the SPLAT code. She used the SpeX Prism Library to determine the physical properties of a set of unusually magnetically active brown dwarfs, improving on the index method developed by Adam Burgasser in 2006; this work was recently submitted to the Astrophysical Journal. She has also participated in several physics outreach events at UCSD, including the Space Day and Play Day Galaxy Gardens at Balboa Park and the San Diego Science & Engineering Festival. In her free time, she enjoys vegan cooking and baking, reading, and spending time in the nature. Ivanna is now a graduate student in the Astronomy Department at Caltech.


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