UCSD Selected as an SDSS FAST Site

The Cool Star Lab has joined the SDSS Faculty and Student Team (FAST) initiative, with a research program focused on analyzing high resolution spectroscopy of ultracool dwarfs with SDSS-APOGEE.

The FAST program engages faculty and student teams at US institutions with strong track records of serving underrepresented minority students. Each year, three FAST scholar teams are selected and  matched to an SDSS partner to tackle a research project together. The program provides teams with specialized training (including a boot camp in June 2016), data rights, and financial support to help them begin working with SDSS data. The ultimate goal is to build long-term research relationships with SDSS collaborators and to become a productive part of the SDSS collaboration.

UCSD’s SDSS collaborator is Sarah Schmidt at Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik – Potsdam (AIP).  Together, we are working on developing an APOGEE+eBOSS+SpeX spectroscopic analysis program for late-­type M and L dwarfs to determine effective temperatures, surface gravities, abundances, and multiplicity from spectral diagnostics. The UCSD team includes Adam Burgasser, Christian Aganze, Chris Theissen and Jessica Birky.

UCSD is part of the second FAST cohort, which includes City University of New York, Hunter College, DePaul University, and New Mexico State University.

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