Cool Stars Lab shines in 2016 Summer Research Conference

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The Cool Star Lab had a strong showing at this year’s 2016 UCSD Summer Research Conference, held August 11th around campus.  Ten students from the Lab presented results during the full day event, including six in Session #1 alone!

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The culminating event of the summer research period, students presented research work ranging from detailed spectral analysis of cool dwarfs to searches for the remains of planetary systems around dead stars.  Each student made a 15-minute presentation in a session of 8 speakers, plus 10-20 audience members.

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The cosmOcosm crew of Jake Cushnir, Yuka Murakami and Melisa Tallis presenting their work on the sound planetarium.

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Russell van Linge (left), Edhah Munaibari (center) and Guillaume Shippee (right) speaking.

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Jessica Birky making a key point.

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Elizabeth Moreno Hilario (left) and Andrew Davis (right) presenting their work.

One of the highlight presentations occurred in the second astronomy session in the afternoon, when cosmOcosm students Jake Cushnir, Yuka Murakami and Melisa Tallis presented their prototype sound planetarium as a live installation. The video below shows participants listening as stars are heard passing overhead.

The conference was followed by the closing STARS event, which honored over 100 students who participated in research this summer, including members of the Cool Star Lab and participants in the UCSD-Morehouse-Spelman Physics Bridge program.

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From left to right: David Colby (mentor: George Fuller), Christian Aganze, Elizabeth Moreno Hilario, Tenley Hutchinson (mentor: Brooke Simmons), Amaury Tapia (mentor: Brooke Simmons), Russell van Linge, Andrew Davis, Adam Burgasser, Edhah Munaibari and Uriel Rodea (mentor: Karin Sandstrom).

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(Left): CAMPARE student Uriel Rodea with mentor Prof. Karin Sandstrom. (Right): UCSD-Morehouse-Spelman Physics Bridge scholar Tenley Hutchinson and STARS student Amaury Tapia with mentor Dr. Brooke Simmons.

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UCSD-Morehouse-Spelman Physics Bridge program participants; from left to right: Eddie Rockward (chair of the Morehouse College Physics & Dual-degree Engineering program), Adam Burgasser (UCSD mentor), Christian Aganze (’14, ’15), Tenley Hutchinson (’16), Justin Johnson (’16), Andrew Davis (’16), Simeon McKelvey (’16), and Richard Averitt (UCSD mentor). Not present in the photo: Rodney Davis (’16) and Umaru Waizoba (’16).

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(Left): Edhah Munaibari and Andrew Davis with STARS coordinator Elisa Maldonado. (Right): cosmOcosm team selfie.

Congratulations to everyone for their hard work and successful outcomes!

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