Dianna Cowern and UCSD Physics Students Demonstrate Physics at the San Diego Science Festival


Outreach coordinator Dianna Cowern led a crew of UCSD physics undergraduate and graduate students through a full-day outreach marathon at the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering Expo on March 22nd.  The Expo brought together some 27,000 members of the public to play with all things STEM.  The physicists shared a wide range of hands-on demonstrations on angular momentum, gyroscopic motion, fluid mechanics, sound and vibration, and electrostatics.

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Cool Star Lab Participates in First Vista STEMFest

On March 11th, members of the Cool Star Lab, along with UCSD Physics undegraduate and graduate students and other UCSD groups, participated in the first Vista STEM Fest at Washington Middle School in Vista.  We had a three-table booth full of demonstrations on sound, vibration, electricity, fluid dynamics, thin films, and rotational motion, and we even had a telescope out to view Jupiter, Orion and the Moon. Organized by teachers in the Vista Unified School District to engage students and the community on the excitement of science and engineering, the STEM fest looks to be a new tradition for San Diego.

Thank you to all of our student volunteers!






Cool Star Lab Members Make Physics Fun in Summer Outreach Program


Daniella Bardalez Gagliuffi, Dianna Cowern and Adam Burgasser have been spreading the love….of physics!  During the summer, the UCSD Physics Dept. hosts a series of outreach events for various youth groups to show them basic principles of physics in hands on demonstrations and activities.

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