Cool Star Lab Undergraduates Present Research at Research Symposium


Undergraduate researchers in the Cool Star Lab presented their year’s work on May 28th, during the UCSD Faculty Mentor Program Undergraduate Research Symposium. This was the first Symposium to feature poster presentations by undergraduates.

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Adam Burgasser Awarded UCSD Outstanding Mentor of the Year


Adam Burgasser was one of two awardees at the 2014 Faculty Mentor Program (FMP) Outstanding Mentor of the Year Award, in a ceremony held during the FMP Undergraduate Research Symposium on May 28th. Adam was nominated by undergraduate researchers Aishwarya Iyer and Melissa Tallis, both members of the Cool Star Lab who presented at the Symposium. The Outstanding Mentor Award is selected based on student testimonials, innovative or unusual mentoring practices, and other considerations, such as the number of mentees served and years of service as a mentor to undergraduates.  The other award winner was Alan Daly in the Department of Education Studies. Adam is extremely honored by this award, and so appreciative to Aisha & Melisa for the nomination!

Cool Star Undergrads Present Work at UCSD Research Conference

14003454126_1eac67154c_mAishwarya Iyer and Melisa Tallis both presented 15 minute talks on their research work today at the 27th Annual UCSD Undergraduate Research Conference.  The conference recognizes outstanding scholarly work produced by UC San Diego undergraduates, and all participating students are nominated by faculty who have judged their work to be outstanding. Aisha presented her work on Spitzer monitoring of the TWA 30AB system (“Mid-infrared Variability of the Low Mass Stellar Binary TWA 30 A and B”); Melisa presented her work searching for young brown dwarfs in the SpeX Prism Spectral Library (“Identifying Young Brown Dwarfs Near the Sun”).

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Jason Morpeth speaks at the UCSD Undergraduate Research Conference

Jason Morpeth was one of 3 Physics majors to present their work at the 26th UCSD Undergraduate Research Conference on April 26th, 2013.  Jason’s talk “To Catch a Brown Dwarf” explained how he took a benchmark sample of L0-L5 dwarfs and applied various papers’ selection criteria to this sample to quantify both the reliability (fraction of sources recovered) and contamination rate (factor of additional sources uncovered within 60′ of each L dwarf).  He found fairly pronounced differences between the samples, and was able to produce a hybrid set of criteria that greatly decreased sample contamination while maintaining reasonable reliability (>70%).  Jason’s work is the starting point for optimized selection criteria using multiple surveys, possibly through machine learning techniques.

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