Sound Planetarium Demo #2 at Frontiers of Innovation Scholars Program

The Sound Planetarium got its second unveiling at the 2016 Frontiers of Innovation Scholars Program (FISP) at UCSD on October 18th. FISP is the primary funding source for this project.

File_000 (1)

Like the first installation, Jake, Melisa & Yuka started by giving a talk on the motivation, design, development and implementation of the project; then led the presentation group to a separate room where the Planetarium had been set up earlier. We demonstrated 10 rotating stars, 100 stationary stars, and stars as cricket sounds. We also demonstrated for the first time our binaural recordings, an experiment in a personalized sound planetarium experience.


With this second demonstration, we have confirmed the project’s portability (rapid setup and teardown) and scalability (external speakers and headphones). Our next steps include spatializing stellar asterisms (constellations), testing spatialization differentiation limits (how close can two star sounds be distinguished), experimenting with binaural recordings, publishing our results so far, and developing new ideas with the Qualcomm Institute Sound Spatialization Lab.

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