TDDE 131 Week 9: Final Project Work


6:00-6:30pm: Notes:

Final exam 12 June 5:30-8:30pm – this will be a public performance in SME 401

6:30pm-8:00pm: Detailed Crit:

Adriana & Melisa

  • ice/glacier shards and color sprite
  • currently not driven by data
  • data choices – reflectance data of Europa
  • color is meant to represent bioluminescence – color data could help that
  • suggestion: connecting ice blocks to color
  • motion feels like continental drift – mapping data?
  • what is ideal scale of this? ¬†how long are we supposed to watch this for?
  • give ice shards more heft/volume
  • adding soccer data? yes, but subtly – shaping of ice shards, time of entire piece

Adrian & Elliot

  • multi-planet, multi-moon system; point connections are used to create solids
  • facebook posts drive placement of satellites, need data to drive something lse
  • this is a kernel of something very interesting – shapes could really be used for something
  • really needs to dive into data and use data as in inspirational platform; e.g., what Kepler system resonates with an

Aisha & Duy

  • matter/anti-matter galaxy collisions + plasma waves sounds + video of food collisions
  • project onto complex origamic surfaces generated from redshift data
  • collisions of galaxies are smoother, softer – not hard impact – think mixing

Ryan & Tasha

  • planetarium of past using¬†blue/red hidden images
  • got dataset from WISE around Polaris, create a map of history (personal/world?) with years past determined by S/N ratio
  • think about timing of piece
  • cf. Hiroshi Sugimoto – compresses movie to a single frame – analogy of photometry and spectroscopy (collapse along wavelength instead of time)



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