TDDE 131 Final Project Showcase

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We had a great turnout for our TDDE 131 Final Project Showcase; several dozen people came through to view (and interact with) the works the students created.  Here are brief summaries of all of the pieces:

5th Attempt of Transmission

Natasha Banchik (Physics) & Ryan Brady (Theatre Arts & Dance)

Everyone has experienced feeling lost. But what does that actually mean? Is it a final end or a new beginning? Hundreds of years ago people started looking to the North Star for guidance on their journeys. Wherever they arrived presented new discoveries and in some cases a new home. 5th Attempt of Transmission examines the artists’ experiences during periods of being lost.

Projected animation, color filter viewers

Data:  WISE astrometry and photometry in a 20 arcsecond radius around Polaris. 

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Modes of Collision

Aishwarya Iyer (Physics) & Duy Nguyen (Visual Arts) 

Two Spiral galaxies IC 2163 and NGC 2207 are in their initial stages of collision. Hypothetically, in a billion years’ time, they will completely merge together and become a single unit of a perfectly symmetrical elliptical galaxy. This installation combines all potential collisions using household items to illicit collisions of color, texture, surface, and material that are controlled by mapping data and density values. Sound recordings of Alfven, plasma, and ion acoustic waves with other synthetic and organic sonic textures further underscore notions of rupture and possibility.

Projection of data-driven film clips, audio, found materials

Data: U. Iowa plasma radio collection, photometry from Elmegreen et al. (1995, ApJ, 453, 100)

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67 x

Adriana Feketeova (Visual Arts) & Melisa Tallis (Physics)

67 x explores the perspective of Jupiter’s abundant satellites and recontextualizes them into the realm of typical human experiences. The sequence of 67 clips reflects reactions to major life events through the cultural meanings attributed to the colors of flowers. 67 x combines these arbitrary codes embedded in flower colors with the orbital data of Jupiter’s natural satellites. We see a glimpse not only of their perspective orbiting a swirling gas giant, but the turbulence inherent in change or loss.

Projection of data-driven film clips, telescope

Data: Jovian satellite orbital compilation

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What I Told You in Two Trillion Miles, I

Elliot Norris (Physics) and Adrian Phillips (Visual Arts)

Visualization of planetary system derived from discoveries from the Kepler satellite and statistics from artist’s Facebook statuses.

What I Told You in Two Trillion Miles, II

Elliot Norris (Physics) and Adrian Phillips (Visual Arts)

Object derived from using the relative positions of the “planets” in part one at the ideal ratio.

Display animation; wood, acrylic, electronics, amplifier

Data: Habitable Exoplanets Catalog, Facebook

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Additional photos from the show and from the students’ work through the quarter can be found on the TDDE 131 Flickr set.

Congratulations everyone on an amazing quarter!

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