TDDE 131 Week 8: Project Planetaria Devices


6:10pm – 7:30pm: Project Planetaria Devices

ppdWe made Project Planetaria Devices!  Michael led students through the basic electronics, soldering skills and talked about the “stupidest possible chip. ” Working with capacitors, watch batteries, potentiometers, photo capacitors, and toggle switches students created their own devices to emit light and audio.  They “played” these interments by the whole class holding hands to run a current through the whole class, and performed a Cage-inspired score with individual PPDS.

Then everyone got a kit to take home to make more!


7:30 Elliot / Andriene  Present their project ideas:

Create a theoretical solar system:

  • Facebook info, reverse engineer planetary system
  • inputing data from Facebook and combining with Kepler’s theories in another system
  • Video or video plus interactive, good basis for it?
  • Processing driven by data, rss feed twitter, API for twitter or tumble
  • Planets driven by astronomical laws, each planet is an emotion, anger, moon is mapped to that emotion

Questions the class asked:

  • Which are the parts that I should know?
  • Is it important that the audience know what data generates these systems?
  • Does it need to look like Kepler’s drawings?


7:45  Adrianna / Melissa

“I’m Choosing My Favorite Play”

  • Europa, shell of ice, plate tectonics of ice
  • Movement of cracks in ice
  • cracks – moving and changing and splitting apart over time
  • microbial life potential, lights colored by data, illuminating the ice
  • suggest life or activity beneath, water is warm
  • Bioluminescent Light
  • soccer game as source of data with Europa data

Questions the class asked:

  • HOW to actually do any of this?
  • Where does the data come from?
  • Why Europa in terms of data?
  • Shards of video need to be more or less “shardy”

8:05  Aisha / Duy

Collisional Ring Galaxies, sense of symmetry (!)

  • Projection onto sculptural objects, mylar, performance or looped video
  • Physical collision, scrims, reflect

Questions the class had:

  • Why is symmetry important?
  • What kind of imagery will we see at the end?
  • What space should the video be installed in?

8:30   Tasha / Ryan

Interested in investigating the Process of exploring the universe

  • Looking up into sky with naked eye, see so much more with other devices
  • What if projected on Ceiling tiles / squares
  • Color, filter on projection, see something else

Questions the class had:

  • Is this a guided tour, narrate live lecture?
  • Is there a Data analyzer, revealing different colors?
  • Important that it’s a way of seeing these stars anew.
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