TDDE 131 Final Project Showcase

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We had a great turnout for our TDDE 131 Final Project Showcase; several dozen people came through to view (and interact with) the works the students created.  Here are brief summaries of all of the pieces:

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Project Planetaria Student Showcase June 12th

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The Project Planetaria Class (TDDE 131) will be hosting its Student Showcase, highlighting students’ final projects, on Wednesday June 12th from 5:30-8:30pm in the Experimental Media Lab (Structural and Materials Engineering Building Room 401).  Come out and see what data can really do!

TDDE 131 Week 10: Preparation for Student Showcase

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TDDE 131 Week 9: Final Project Work


6:00-6:30pm: Notes:

Final exam 12 June 5:30-8:30pm – this will be a public performance in SME 401

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TDDE 131 Week 8: Project Planetaria Devices


6:10pm – 7:30pm: Project Planetaria Devices

ppdWe made Project Planetaria Devices!  Michael led students through the basic electronics, soldering skills and talked about the “stupidest possible chip. ” Working with capacitors, watch batteries, potentiometers, photo capacitors, and toggle switches students created their own devices to emit light and audio.  They “played” these interments by the whole class holding hands to run a current through the whole class, and performed a Cage-inspired score with individual PPDS.

Then everyone got a kit to take home to make more!


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TDDE 131 Week 7: Space, Time, Echo & Dimensionality

[Crit of Proposals and Pairing]
[Space, Time, Echo & Dimensionality]

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TDDE 131 Week 6: Imaging

[Critiques of Last Week’s Assignment]
[Astronomical Image Making]
[Aesthetic and Social Interpretation of Images]
[Assignment for Next Week]

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TDDE 131 Week 5: Data-drive interactive pieces with Isadora

[Discussion of conceptual exercise]
[Defining grading schema]
[Isadora basics]
[Critique of projects]

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TDDE 131: Generating a Catalog from IRSA

Since we didn’t have time to do a lab on this in class, I’ve put together a description of how to create a catalog of sources from the IRSA webpage for you Week 4/5 assignment:

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TDDE 131 Week 4: Mapping, Catalogs & Conceptual Art

[Some Demonstrations]
[Critique of last week’s assignments]
[Independent & Dependent Variables]
[Mapping & Catalogs]
[Conceptual Art]
[Conceptual Art Exercise]

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