Dance-Physics Collaboration at Yale

We found a great example of another art-science collaboration being conducted at Yale University that resonates strongly with our goals.  Emily Coates (Dance) and Sarah Demers (Physics) have performed an exploration of the recent discovery of the Higgs Boson, the last particle of the standard model.  Collaboratively they have examined the gestures physicists use to describe the Higgs, developed aesthetic compositions from these, and reflected on how these compositions feeds back into the imaginations of scientists as they look to the next big problem in particle physics (which is likely to be the hypothetical dark matter particle).  Emily and Sarah have also taught a class, “The Physics of Dance“, and a book based on the course is in preparation

You can learn more about their project, Discovering the Higgs through Physics, Dance and Photography, at the Reintegrate website and the youtube video below.

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