TDDE 131 Final Project Showcase

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We had a great turnout for our TDDE 131 Final Project Showcase; several dozen people came through to view (and interact with) the works the students created.  Here are brief summaries of all of the pieces:

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TDDE 131 Week 9: Final Project Work


6:00-6:30pm: Notes:

Final exam 12 June 5:30-8:30pm – this will be a public performance in SME 401

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TDDE 131 Week 6: Imaging

[Critiques of Last Week’s Assignment]
[Astronomical Image Making]
[Aesthetic and Social Interpretation of Images]
[Assignment for Next Week]

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TDDE 131 Week 5: Data-drive interactive pieces with Isadora

[Discussion of conceptual exercise]
[Defining grading schema]
[Isadora basics]
[Critique of projects]

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