Neighborhood Planetarium

On May 20th we wondered the streets of North Park, an urban neighborhood in San Diego. Equipped with our sun-safe gazing-glasses, we were able to see the eerie and downright hypnotic (partial) annular eclipse.

After spending some selfish time on our own, we decided that walking to a purveyor of annular-foodstuffs (i.e. pizza) was a good choice. Along our walk we met with neighbors, pedestrians, & commuters who were themselves enjoying their Sunday afternoon stroll. Over and over again we would ask, “Want to see the eclipse?” We’d share the glasses and our neighbor would gaze at the sun. Every time, the neighbor-in-question squealed with delight.



Small children, old men, moms & dads, 30-something urbanistas: they were all transfixed by the delight, joy, and overwhelm of the eclipse.

The Moon passes between our planet and our Sun. Our neighbors and we watched in delight, and we laughed.

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