Science videos and presentations

A collection of the group’s science and public presentations hosted on YouTube.

Adam Burgasser

  • Science colloquium on 2015 March 16 at CSU Long Beach “Searching for Lithium in L Subdwarfs “

  • Science colloquium on 2014 March 21 at U. Hawaii IfA “1000 Cool Spectra: Science, Art and Education from the SpeX Prism Spectral Libraries”

  • Diversity Talk on 2014 March 5 at UCSD “Increasing Minority Participation in Physics: Modeling Proven Success”

  • Teaching talk on 2013 October 28 at UCSD: “Strange Cold Worlds: The Discovery and Astrophysics of Brown Dwarfs”

  • Science colloquium on 2013 April 11 at UCSD: “FIRE & Ice: The Discovery and Astrophysical Implications of Room-Temperature Brown Dwarfs”

  • Science colloquium on 2013 February 15 at UCSD: “The Russian Bolide on 15 February 2013”

  • Public lecture on 2012 July 28 at Lick Observatory: “Dark Stars: The Almost Invisible Universe of Brown Dwarfs”

  • Outreach video on 2009 March: “Robot Astronomy Talk Show on Twin Brown Dwarfs” (NASA/Spitzer)

  • Dance your PhD video on 2008 November: The Discovery and Characterization of Methane-bearing Brown Dwarfs and the Definition of the T Spectral Class


Carl Melis

  • Science talk 2013 April 24 at UCSD: “Toward A VLBI Resolution of the Pleiades Distance Controversy”


Daniella Bardalez Gagliuffi

  • Science talk on 2013 April 26 at UCSD: “Searching for the M+T spectral binary needle in the brown dwarf haystack”

  • Science talk on 2014 March 7 at UCSD: “Bridging the gap on tight separation brown dwarf binaries”


Dianna Cowern

See her Physics Girl YouTube Channel.