FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Travel and Accommodations

Q: Can I get reimbursed for travel to/from the camp? Unfortunately we do not have the budget to cover travel costs, but you are encouraged to request financial support from your host institution.

Q: Can I get accommodations? If you are traveling more than 1 hour (~50 miles) to get to UC San Diego, and you requested accommodations on the registration form, shared housing will be provided in the Revelle College Keeling Apartments; see Meals, Accommodations and Parking for more information. Local students should plan on commuting in.

Q: Where will we be staying on campus? Those requesting accommodations will be staying in the Revelle College apartments on the southwest corner of UC San Diego’s main campus.  Rooms will be single and double occupancy (shared accommodation). If you have a preferred roommate, please indicate this on the registration form.

Q: Do I have to pay for parking? There is no fee for parking on Saturday and Sunday. If you are arriving Friday evening, it is recommended that you get a parking permit in lot P102 or P103, which is the closest parking lots to accommodations and the BootCamp activities. You can also pre-order an $8 permit (cheaper) at http://transportation.ucsd.edu/parking/visitor/conference.html.

Q: Where do we eat? All meals will be in the 64 degrees cafeteria in Revelle College. They have daily meal specials, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. If you are certified kosher or halal, please contact the conference organizer immediately to arrange these food preferences.

Q: I’m a local, do I still get food? Yes! Local students can get free breakfast and lunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday at 64 degrees.  Students with accommodations can also get dinner on Friday.

Q: I’ve had a change in plans and can’t make the Bootcamp; what should I do? Please contact the conference organizer immediately so we can adjust our room reservations.

Preparing for the Bootcamp

Q: Is it necessary for me to be a rising junior or senior for the Bootcamp? We strongly encourage attendees to be upper division majors, as much of the Physics GRE prep material requires that level of physics coursework. However, if we have space we will permit lower-division students with a strong interest in pursuing a physics PhD to attend.

Q: Are there any materials that I should bring with me to the BootCamp? For the workshops, it may be useful to prepare to take notes. For the graduate program session, we encourage participants to bring business cards or CVs if they’d like to network with program representatives.

Q: What are these exams we will be taking? Part of the workshop training is how to succeed on the Physics Subject Exam GRE, which is required for most (but not all) Physics and Astronomy graduate programs.  For those of you who are well versed on the Physics GRE, we will be doing the 2001 (GR9677) and 2004 (GR0177) practice exams.

Q: Should I study before the camp? This is not necessary, although it will give you a better idea of what to expect for the practice GRE exams. You can see what kind of preparation is useful by checking out the Physics GRE Resources page.